Adam Cox

Adam Cox

Corrective Exercise Specialist, Holistic Lifestyle Coach


In 2004 Adam Cox began his career as a personal trainer using massage therapy, exercise and lifestyle coaching to help clients achieve higher levels of health and well-being. It became apparent very quickly that the health and fitness sectors were packed with quick-fix, short-cut approaches and this wasn't what Adam believed in, let alone what worked for clients.

Having experienced this approach first-hand resulting in an unnecessary operation at 21 ignited Adam's passion for trying to create a sustainable way of life with the foundation principles of health (Thoughts, Breathing, Hydration, Nutrition, Movement and Rest) at the core of this. Adam knows that leading by example is the best way to teach and is devoted to coaching people how to achieve and live a rewarding, healthy, fit and happy life.

Since beginning his career, Adam has spent many long hours and even more air miles so far being coached by the very best in the fields of corrective exercise, rehabilitation and high-performance conditioning with the CHEK Institute based in San Diego, California. Since attending the Institute Adam has also had personal mentoring from the Founder Paul Chek.

Adam is a believer that health means taking responsibility for yourself and managing yourself accordingly and he knows that each and every client from the elderly to elite level athlete must constantly manage their health principles, to stay healthy or perform at the highest level.


  • C.H.E.K Practitioner level II (CHEK Institute)
  • Holistic Life Coach Level III (CHEK Institute)