Laurent Lery

Laurent Lery

Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Holistic Lifestyle Coach


Laurent has been involved in health & fitness for 19 years. Originally from Martinique, he re-located to London 13 years ago where he studied to be a Personal trainer and Massage Therapist. During that time he has helped a wide range of clients to improve general health and fitness and reach specific goals.

Laurent is extremely passionate and aims to constantly improve his skills to offer a better service. Laurent is also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist, which enables him to improve results with his clients, with regards to posture correction and injury rehabilitation.

In addition, Laurent has trained for the International certification programme with Charles Poliquin, a World leading expert in programme design for fat loss, muscle building and toning, using the Bio-signature method. Laurent has studied in depth and practises the holistic lifestyle; including understanding the connection between physical, mental and emotional health in managing illness, stress, weight and body fat as well as physical fitness, performance and well being.

As a 43 year old father of two, Laurent is in the best shape of his life and never felt stronger or happier. He is honoured to be able to fulfil his greatest passion in the field of physical and mental well being and his only goal is to help others reach their potential and improve the quality of their lives.


  • Holistic Life Coach Level II (CHEK Institute)
  • Sports Massage Diploma (London School of Sports Massage)
  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist (Poliquin International)
  • Scientific Back & Scientific Core (CHEK Institute)